Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Indirapuram is becoming the commercial hub of Delhi NCR area

For any sector to develop and flourish, it heavily depends on the side line factors. No sector can grow in insolation to its environment. The same thing is also true in real estate. The fastest selling Property in Delhi NCR has always been the commercial property. The reason behind that is the fact that the size is smaller than residential segment and now days almost all the banks are financing for commercial spaces.

The population outbreak in Indirapuram has helped the rise of commercial property in Indirapuram. People are shifting to Indirapuram and nearby regions as facilities available here are of best in class and almost all the amenities are available in the region. The societies has grown bigger and bigger and people shifting to ready to move in flats has risen. This is the fact which has excelled the demand of establishment of commercial sector in the vicinity. The growth of real estate in Delhi NCR has never seen this much of boom and interest that overseas investors are also looking to invest in this region.

According to the survey apart from domestic investors from nearby regions, NRIs from US, Canada, European Union and even gulf countries are on rise. Rupee has gain strength in international market but as per the price index the conversion rate of indian rupee verses dollar and with respect to other leading currencies is still weak. But the rise in demand in Indian real estate market has created a heaven of investment as the price on soft launch verses price on possession of property grow three times on an average. The advantage on commercial property in Indian real estate market is that the builder are providing the return on investment which means once a money is invested the investor will start getting return from next month itself and does not have to sit and wait over the years for his property to get ready for possession or selling.

This demand further intensifies due to several other schemes by builder community to attract the investors like 10-20-30-40 plans of payment and 10% now and rest on possession. Another best plan most of the investors are grasping are subvention plans where the investor pay only 10% of the property price and then builder take loan on the investors behalf and keeps on paying EMI to the bank and make it a NO EMI plan for investors. The investor has to pay in the money only after he will receive the possession.

The smart thing the investors are doing is they sell of the property as soon as they gets the possession which is just before the actual time when investors need to pay EMI to the bank. This shifts the load from investors sholders to the new end buyer and investors earns huge profit as the price of property at the time of investment was almost peanuts and when the passion falls the price is already very high and when he has to start paying he sold off the property to end user and keeps the profit with himself. This is the latest trend in Indian market which is attracting investors from around the globe and further strengthens the Indian economy by flushing huge overseas investment to India.

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