Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 10 reasons to buy flat in Delhi NCR

Real estate in Delhi Ncr is the fasted booming segment and after the announcement of more packages and latest development plans for this region the real estate in Delhi Ncr has become center stage to lay the foundation of future development of the nearby regions. The Indian real estate has seen many booming years and few dark patches as well but overall market is very well placed to be stable and growing. Last decade Indian GDP even saw 7.5 percent growth which helped overall development of core sectors like power, industries, mining etc. Government of India has lately figured out the importance of Real estate in terms of economic growth as the frequency of transaction increases it also increases the money flow in the market and money collection by the government due to various tax and registries done at several stages, which pumps the system with surplus funds.
While hunting for a place to live in India the focus of buyer remains on a good flat but they forget to look beyond flat and inside accommodation and merely confined his choice to lesser valuable places. Delhi NCR has not become the top places to live in by merely a change but the elements which are related to this region make it the top of chart. First and the most obvious one is the proximity to the civil amenities like best in class hospitals, dispensaries, clinical centers, testing labs etc. then comes the job opportunities and opportunities to earn. The region in Delhi NCR is full of institutes which cater a huge crowd of students to learn and upgrade their skill set. The number of schools in this region is the highest in number which helps the parents to admit their child in best schools. For people shifting in the flats the region is full of shops and markets places which provide all the best brands in world in one region. The foremost reason to have a flat in Delhi Ncr is the price appreciation associated with it. Price on an average appreciates better than other parts of the country.

The quality of construction and the timely delivery track record of the projects in this region are better than other part of the country which is the most important factor in mind of house buyers. Moreover the proximity of Noida, Noida ext., Gurgaon, greater Noida, greater Noida west, NH 24 etc. in the local region and Agra, Mathura, Haryana and other important places are well in approach in 2-3 hrs  Makes this a better suited place to live. Delhi is a historic place and its name is being recommended for world heritage city which provide various number of places to visit. So combining to all the factors with best food, best culture, lots of amenities and places to see around are the top 10 reasons to buy flat in delhi NCR region.
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